ACT Warrior Wall


The ACT Warrior Wall is the ACT’s legacy and heritage initiative that brings together arts legends, emerging artists, arts practitioners, entrepreneurs and arts writers in a meaningful conversation that requires collaboration, reflection and meaningful contribution to the arts sector.

The ACT Warrior Wall has evolved from the ACT Awards into an ongoing intervention that speaks to the new strategy of the through creating pride in our arts and culture heritage while cultivating authentic interest in arts heritage as well as professionalisation through structured mentorship and recognising excellence.


The ACT Warrior Wall facilitates several exciting opportunities for the arts sector;


Firstly there will be an open call public for nominations towards the ACT Awards which will be held at the 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2024.

The ACT Warrior Wall will welcome nominations in 3 categories:

  • Excellence in the Arts
  • Excellence in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • Life Time Achievement Award

The industry and public may nominate deserving persons in each of the above categories. The nominees will be selected through an adjudication process, verified and then featured in an article written by mentee writers.

We will profile 4 Life time Achievers, 4 Arts Entrepreneurs and 12 Arts Impact Award Nominees per year.


Secondly a national open call will be launched for aspiring arts writers to undergo a writing mentorship. Selected writers will have to complete a thoroughly researched and creatively interpreted article with the outlook of being published in a mainstream publication.


Thirdly, a national visual arts open call will be launched for mural and graphic artists to visually interpret the featured ACT warrior The artwork will be installed as a physical mural or transfer in a space that is historically relevant to the warrior.


The Warrior Wall project will encompass building a national database of suppliers as well as Visual Arts Mentors and Writing Mentors to work with our visual arts and writing mentees in collaborating to produce the ACT Warrior Wall.


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