ACT Building Blocks Programme


The ACT Building Blocks Programme is a capacity building programme with a focus on micro-businesses to mid-level organisations and arts practitioners in the form of Masterclasses focused on;

  • Digital Skills
  • Marketing
  • Governance and Monitoring & Evaluation
  • ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) in the arts


The master class learnings will be applied to a current project that the individual or organisation is conducting through assignments given throughout the course. Each participant will also receive individual mentoring on the development of the project that was put forward in the online application to the Building Blocks Programme.


Through the Building Blocks programme we strive to increase the capacity and sustainability of South African arts and culture organisations and practitioners, micro and mid-level creative enterprises and entrepreneurial artists. The Building Blocks programme will strengthen the operational infrastructure of the programme participants by providing technical assistance and relevant developmental tools through Masterclasses and mentoring and in so doing serving the creative sector holistically.

Current and former participants in the ACT Building Blocks Programme had this to say about it:

“Thanks again for me being part of this programme. Learning from the young is very exciting. They answer all my questions and help me to look at things in a new and fresh way. I will apply my new knowledge in my business, helping it to grow and to become a giant for the arts.” – Celeste Loriston from Story team

“Thank you very much for today’s session. It was very insightful and a great eye opener. This is important especially with digital transformation and connecting with our target audience and on a global scale. Thank you!” -Anonymous

“The points that were covered were relevant to my work and situations, problems or solutions I had encountered. There was a nice flow between given information and discussions.”
Nompumezo Gubevo from ArtEC Communitey Art Centre

“I am excited by the information I received and am excited to implement it. The training not only informed me, but managed to inspire me to explore the unknown.”
Xolisa Ngubelanga from Jo Kinda

“Overall there was a clear connection between the theory and practical implementation. The assignments provided a good benchmark for participants during the mentoring sessions.”
Ricardo Wyngaard

For more information please contact Palesa Molefe on palesa@act.org.za or info@act.org.za.

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