ACT Centre Of Excellence (ACT CoE)

ACT has an exceptional Alumni from our various programmes and awards as well as current and past board members and staff who have over the past 30 years pushed the development of the sector to new heights. Many of our alumni have created innovative and sustainable businesses and projects.


To be an ACT Alumni means more than having completed a course or having received financial support, it means becoming an advocate and enabler in the sector, it means pooling our talents and resources together to coordinate a supportive environment where we can all share success and growth. The ACT CoE will become a space where our alumni work together to support each other and pay it forward by sharing their knowledge skills and networks to create a conducive environment for emerging artists, administrators and practitioners to step into and develop further.


Activities of the CoE will include:

  • Round Table Discussions (Online and in-person)
  • Interviews (Audio and Video)
  • Educational Resources and Mentorship Opportunities
  • Resource bank (Asset Map of Members)
  • Networking Events (Free for alumni and Paid for industry players)
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