The Arts & Culture Trust launches comic strip series for #TlholoTuesdays curated for arts entrepreneurs in 11 South African languages

The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new addition to its #TlholoTuesdays initiative: the ACT Tlholo Comic Strip Series. Starting 30 April 2024, these comics will be available on the ACT website at to offer valuable insights and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs in the arts and culture sector.

Comprising 6 episodes, each available in 11 official South African languages, the ACT Tlholo Comic Strip Series aims to empower proactive artists with essential business knowledge and skills. Every Tuesday, starting from the launch date, a new episode will be released providing practical advice and tools to support artists in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

The series follows the journey of Pule, an aspiring entrepreneur navigating the challenges of starting a business in the arts and culture sector. Through the ACT Tlholo Resources page, Pule discovers valuable resources, gains practical knowledge, and connects with fellow arts practitioners and emerging entrepreneurs. The page also offers downloadable business templates, further aiding in the professionalisation of arts businesses.

Supported by Nedbank, the ACT Tlholo Resources page features animation videos, podcasts, and now the comic strip series, all designed to provide practical insights and inspire creativity in navigating the competitive arts landscape. These resources, rooted in an asset-based community development ethos, encourage practitioners to leverage their existing resources and knowledge to build sustainable businesses and support their communities.

Jessica Denyschen, CEO of ACT, emphasises the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in the development of these resources. ‘We are committed to ensuring that all arts practitioners, regardless of their background or location, have access to valuable tools and guidance,’ says Denyschen. ‘By offering content in 11 official South African languages, we aim to foster a more inclusive and supportive arts community for artists and arts entrepreneurs.’

Poovi Pillay, Executive Head of Corporate Social Investments at Nedbank, says: ‘The best way to reach a diverse audience is through a medium that everyone enjoys, and the ACT Tlholo Comic Strip Series is just that. The business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills conveyed through Pule’s journey are highly entertaining and therefore memorable. In the course of the series Pule becomes a friend who journeys alongside you, the arts and culture entrepreneur, helping you face all the challenges of starting and growing a business. We hope that you will greatly benefit from this innovative addition to #TlholoTuesdays.’

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embark on your entrepreneurial journey in the arts and culture sector. Visit the ACT website at to access the ACT Tlholo Comic Strip Series and join the conversation on social media using #TlholoTuesdays #ACTtlholo #acttlholoproject #UncoveringSolutions #ACTstrat #NedbankArtsAffinity.

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In partnership with ACT, the Nedbank Arts Affinity has donated more than R30 million over 30 years to support over 830 arts, culture, and heritage development projects countrywide. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of talented young artists in South Africa, simply link your Nedbank Greenbacks to the Arts Affinity and Nedbank will donate money to ACT, at no cost to you. The Arts Affinity currently supports the ACT Nyoloha Scholarship Programme, the ACT Thuthukisani Programme, and the ACT Tlholo Project. For more information, visit any Nedbank branch, call us on 0860 555 111, or visit