The Arts and Culture Trust is excited to announce the open call for phase two of the ACT Tlholo Project ‘Uncovering Solutions 2020’, an innovative and imaginative solution-based platform for addressing some of the challenges faced by South African arts practitioners.


Definition: Tlholo /tlhōlo/ {Noun} a Sesotho word that means Victory. 1. an act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game or other competition.


The ACT is looking for dynamic community-minded artists who wish to participate in a groundbreaking pilot project searching for innovative business solutions in their communities. The ACT Tlholo Project ‘Uncovering Solutions 2020’ aims to empower these dynamic artists to lead conversations with fellow artists about local solutions.


The project, sponsored by Nedbank, recognises the innate ability of creative minds to find innovative solutions to tough times and problems and to overcome the obstacles at hand with ingenuity and wit. It is a platform that seeks out, highlights and encourages the sharing of grassroots, practical solutions to current challenges faced by arts and culture practitioners particularly in rural, remote and under-resourced areas of South Africa.


Tobie Badenhorst, Head of Group Sponsorships and Cause Marketing at Nedbank, says: ‘Under extreme Covid-19 conditions, our artists and arts and culture professionals and communities had to completely reassess how to survive and sustain. They have needed to adapt rapidly and redefine and reinvent how they create and produce to keep themselves and the arts alive. Through the ACT Tlholo Project we want to share collective learnings and approaches that can help our artists going forward, and breathe new life into our arts, culture and heritage industry in every part of our country.’


The ACT Tlholo Project ‘Uncovering Solutions 2020’ will evolve over four phases, gathering expertise from industry leaders as well as the lived experiences from arts practitioners to design tailored solutions for context-specific issues. Asset-based Community Development (ABCD), the arts value chain and constructive and creative business models will be interrogated and shared in a useful resource kit that will be available on the ACT website and YouTube channel.


The ACT Tlholo Project ‘Uncovering Solutions 2020’ seeks the following:

  • Solution-driven arts and culture professionals.
  • Arts and culture professionals who have been working in their fields for a minimum of three years and who earn at least part of their income from their art.
  • Community arts and culture leaders.


The participants must:

  • be available for online training 16 – 21 November 2020;
  • be willing to participate in online discussions;
  • have access to resources to record and submit data (such as a laptop or computer and cellphone);
  • be residing and working in South Africa; and
  • be over the age of 18.


*Selected participants will receive training in facilitation and be supplied with a data and travel stipend.


Applications open: 14 October 2020

Applications close: 28 October 2020


How to apply

Complete the online application form on the ACT’s website:



The ACT Tlholo Project ‘Uncovering Solutions 2020′ aims to do the following:


  • Provide a platform that highlights artist-driven solutions.
  • Facilitate conversations and sharing of ideas and solutions.
  • Encourage experimentation (presentation of new practices) and feedback (relevance and applicability to context).
  • Leverage the network of arts and culture practitioners around the country to share solutions and develop solution-based thinking.
  • Provide means of accessing the tools, stories and best-practice resources generated through the ACT Tlholo Project for arts practitioners working in remote, rural and under-resourced areas in South Africa.
  • Inspire more resilient and self-reliant arts practitioners with creative and sustainable solutions.



ACT wants to start a new conversation, underpinned by the concept of radical self-reliance.


The four phases of the ‘Uncovering Solutions 2020′ will involve the following:

  • Profiling artists and organisations who have developed solutions and best practices.
  • Creating capacity for the sharing of expert knowledge and business models with and for artists.
  • Creating and making available on the ACT website podcasts based on the conversations.
  • Creating and making available resources, including videos and guides, to accompany the podcasts.


The ACT Tlholo Project ‘Uncovering Solutions 2020′ is leveraging strategic partnerships with community radio stations in all nine provinces to promote and host vital conversations about solutions for the African context. In addition, the project will enlist highly skilled facilitators from the Sibiwka Community Arts Centre to drive through concepts and learnings in a way that speaks to our stakeholders.



Stay safe and practise social solidarity and physical distancing.

Together we will rise!





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