The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is elated to announce the launch of our sexy, revamped new website on the 22nd of May 2020. Over the first five months of this year our website has received massive overhaul in look, feel and content, speaking more effectively to our mission; To attract and provide funding for the sustainable development and growth of the arts, culture and heritage of South Africa, actualised through mutually beneficial partnerships between the corporate, public and cultural sectors focussed on making a positive difference to the lives of all South Africans through the arts.

Traditionally our website has been one of our most important contact points with our stakeholders, or ACT family as we like to call them and we place a lot of value on how information is passed to our ACT family and future beneficiaries and sponsors. The new site is fresh, clean and speaks clearly to our mandate as an organisation. We have revised our offering to be as clear and direct as possible to our stakeholders. Vibrant colours, relevant information and helpful guidelines will streamline many of our application processes.

ACT collaborated with Blacklight, to shed some new light and inspiration on our web presence. Working with our new corporate identity they designed and part sponsored a highly responsive, intuitive and funky site.

‘Blacklight is by no means a traditional web development company. We are an all-encompassing digital solutions company with extensive experience in engaging target audiences in multimedia and multi touch-point environments.’ – Blacklight

ACT CEO Marcus Desando says, ‘Since our initial public participation exercise we performed with the selection of our new corporate identity, we have been looking forward to translating that to all our platforms and this new vibrant website has certainly met with our expectations as an organisation. We hope that with this new look our stakeholders will enjoy the features the website offers and have better knowledge of our offerings.’

 The new look is not only on the surface, the ACT brand is undergoing a resurgence of new energy and inspiration, forging positively forward in a fast changing world. ACT is adaptable and agile and also recognises the need to form part of the arts community of South Africa at large. As an independent non-profit organisation we cannot always supply all the answers or solutions and know that the sharing of information and the forging of strategic partnerships for the benefit of arts practitioners in South Africa is key to the arts sector surviving in these trouble times.


Our new website feels like hope, and play and creation and we hope it will inspire and ultimately support many artists across the disciplines of music, theatre, visual art and music.

Visit the site now:


Stay safe and practice social solidarity and physical distancing.

Together we will rise!




Notes to editors

Over 25 years of arts funding

The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is South Africa’s premier independent arts funding and development agency. The primary aim of ACT is to increase the amount of funding available for arts and culture initiatives, and to apply these funds to innovative, sustainable projects that make a meaningful contribution to society. Through structured funding programmes, ACT provides support for all expressions of arts and culture, including literature, music, visual art, theatre and dance, and the support extends to festivals, community arts initiatives, arts management, arts education and arts administration. For more information please visit the Trust’s website. Follow ACT on Twitter or like the ACT’s Facebook page.