What comes to your mind when you think Community Arts Centres? We think, expansion, and improvement.

Sibikwa Arts Centre in partnership with the DAC, presented a bid to the SA-EU Dialogue Facility and they took it home. Sibikwa invited five Community Arts practitioners on an international study tour to Ireland, Belgium and France. The Europeans, whom they are eagerly anticipating, will in return visit South Africa in late February, in preparation for the Shukuma Mzansi International Community Arts Conference, to be held at Sibikwa Arts Centre on 22 – 24 March 2017.

This is an exciting time for Community Arts Centres in South Africa. If you are part of a community art centre and wish to attend the conference, please send an email to Projects@sibikwa.co.za. If you merely want to inquire/for more info, send an email to Michael@sibikwa.co.za.